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How can i become a admin on my server?


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How can i become a admin on my server?



ok now can i use /rcon commands but i cant use the general admin commands



what can i do?

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Check out the Getting Started page on the SA-MP wiki, even though launcing a game is so basic I don't think anyone bothered to use a more detailed description for it, then is to be found on that page. Next to that, you can visit the controlling your server page, which explains some more server-based options.

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If you have you're own server up and running you will need to join it, then type /rcon login password. The password will be what is written in your server.cfg.



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well dunno maybe you have figured out now but is so easy

open server.cfg with notepad taking care not to have tick

on always use and then enter your password where it says changeme i believe and also change to match your ip of your machine or master server ip address if you play online. i believe more than 1 ip can be used but saving to existing list does same as adding to list first button on sa mp server will import or export to my documents a playlist type of all addresses you save keep a back up.

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