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Don't you think..


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Don't you think , even now , GTA SA still beats Saints Row?

I have them both and i just think after you beat Saints Row it just becomes , well terrible! I cannot stop playing SA and think its the best game ever , the only things better in Saints Row is graphics ( obviously ) custimization and the fact of ragdoll effects. In my opinion it was just there to fill the gap for the next GTA.


Anyone else agree? cool.gif

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cold fusion 33

Thats because most games like Saints Row are rip-offs of an original game and therefore they cannot compete with the sheer awesomeness of the real mcoy. No imitations allowed. icon14.gif

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Which game is Saints Row ?

Saint's Row is an action-adventure game made only for XBOX 360. It's a GTA type game; or you can say it's just a rip-off.

I haven't played it but few gamers say it's better than GTA. I don't know how anything else can be better than GTA!!!

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