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Well , I'm on the xbox version of the game and I have just got to the mission Mike Toreno , so I'm doing fine , driving to the construction place in Dorethy , then to the docks , then I get get to the airport and i go and fine the van.. I kill all the guys , save mike and then blow the van up , he tells me to get him out of there before the cops come , so I start driving up to the red marker just underneith the airport sign , i get about 4-5 feet away from it and it dissapers.. the yellow marker is still there on my radar but the red marker is not , so i cannot complete the mission.. Any help would be much appriciated and thanks in advance if you can help me.


This is really getting annoying as it happens everytime I try the mission so i cannot continue in the story line sad.gifconfused.gif


P.S. How do I use spoilers? blush.gif , just incase smile.gif

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When you get to the red marker, you get few stars and cops start to follow you. Just keep driving to the ‘Pay N Spray’ behind ‘Wang Cars’. Respray and then drive back to the strip club.

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I do !! WOOT WOOT! Thanks , I'll see if it works in a min , i just got to the airport but flipped the car! sad.gif Dang it! But yeah , thanks very much , THANK YOU!! biggrin.gif




I just completed the mission biggrin.gif I'v never been so glad to complete that mission biggrin.gif Thanks again , thanks alot biggrin.gif

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