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Replacing cars (VC)

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This guide will tell you how to replace 4 door cars with 2 door.


The thing is when replacing cars, usally replacing any 4 door car with 2 door could make the game crash, and just doing that is enough. If you tryed to replace the sentinel with any 4 door car, the game would always crash when you crash the car. I think it happens because in the .col file, it has 4 doors, and it thinks a 4 door car crashed, but it is 2 door.


However using this tut you will be able to replace any 4 door cars with 2! smile.gif


You will need the following tool.


Collision file editor


After downloading unzip it anywhere safe on your computer.


Now replace your 4 door car with any 2 door, both the .dff and .txd. Now you can give the car there new handling, car colours, wheels, but it isn't needed but it is worth it if you want new wheels, colours, and speed, and handling,etc.]

After that is done, it is time to replace the .col files!


Firstly, go into My Documents, make a new folder called collision files. You will export the .col files here.



Replacing the .col files


Firstly before you start opening the vehicles.col, make sure it is NOT read only! Right click the file> click properties, then uncheck read only flag, apply, then ok.


Vehicles.col is located in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\Models\Coll\vehicles.col


Open it with collision file editor.


Now it may look confusing and everything when you open it for the first time, it should look something like this.


user posted image


Now find any 2 door car in collision file editor. E.G: Comet, cheetah, infernus, banshee, deluxo, sabre, sabre turbo, hotring, stinger and many more.


Right click anyone of them, choose export, then combined collison file, and it will save it as a .col file. Put the name of the 4 door car that you replaced, then open the saved .col file.

However, if you exported the .col file of the comet, and in windows explorer named it to sentinel.col, it will still be named comet.col inside. Open it with collision file editor, and rename to what car 4 door car you replaced with 2 door. Now save.


Open up vehicles.col, find the .col file of the 4 door car that you replaced with 2 door, delete the 4 door .col file off for the car, then go to edit> find, then add the new .col file in, and drag it where the old one was and save. All done!


EDIT: Sorry for the blurry picture, but you can still see it.


In san andreas, you never replace .col files, the only one is airtrain.col. They are dealed with in the .DFF.


Just do the same for GTAIII, as if you were replacing vice city collision files.

Edited by gtamodder

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