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Hi there


Wondering if anyone knows how (if at all possible) to raise a vehicle's body up higher, so it appears to have a lift kit on it. This vehicle in particular ( http://www.grandtheftauto.fr/showimg.php?u...2F6%2F1%2F8.jpg ) is suffering from the body being to low to the wheels. You can even see the tires showing through the fenders. If anyone knows how I could raise the entire vehicle body up, besides putting on hydraulics, I'd like to know.



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Knowledge Novice

No experience in modding SA, but it should be close to the same thing I'd think. This is from VC. Just use 'Notepad' to open the 'handling.cfg' file found in the 'Data' folder.


; (aa) suspension upper limit; (ab) suspension lower limit


Just open the handling.cfg file, look for the name of the vehicle that you want to modify the suspension on and change the corresponding numbers. Trial and error are your friend. Hope this helps. turn.gif


Later. rampage_ani.gif

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Thanks dude! That did the trick. My truck is now sitting at a sweet height.

One more question though:

How can I lessen the body roll of a vehicle? The suspension is very soft and when I turn the truck it digs on the opposite side a lot. I looked through the list of field descriptions but a lot of them seem like they deal with body roll. It would be good if someone knew how to do it to save me time trying all the numbers myself.



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