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Sega Rally Revo


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Apart from a few posts in the Xbox 360 topic a while back, i've not really seen much discussion about this game and even though there was a demo to download on the Xbox Live marketplace aswell as several videos about the games features and stuff. Has anybody got this game or thinking about buying it soon as it come out today.


After playing the demo i didn't really like it, i was expecting it to be more like the Colin McRae games but after playing it a few more times it thought it was great and i was really getting into it. The graphics are pretty decent and i love the way that the tyre marks stay on the track until the races finishes, i think it says on the back of the game box that no 2 laps will be the same.


I know this games release has probably been over shadowed by the Halo release but has anyone torn them selves away from Halo and got this game yet and if so what are your opinions about it. I'll be picking my copy next week sometime.


Here are some videos and images and stuff if you haven't seen any of the game. smile.gif


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