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Hello I'm 8ball8.

Hows it hanging.


I have been told that the places in San Andreas are related to some in real life.


i.e. San Fierro=San Fransico


can you please tell me them,

I am making a site on GTA and need to know this information.


user posted imageyum yum.
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Downtown Los Santos - Downtown Los Angeles, Financial District

Commerce - Civic Center, Downtown Los Angeles

East Beach - Long Beach, possibly Redondo Beach or Torrance

East Los Santos - East Los Angeles

El Corona - El Sereno

Ganton - Compton

Glen Park - Echo Park/MacArthur Park

Jefferson - Watts

Idlewood - Inglewood

Las Colinas - Los Feliz

Los Flores - Boyle Heights

Los Santos International Airport - Los Angeles International Airport

Little Mexico - East Los Angeles

Marina - Marina del Rey

Mulholland - Mulholland Drive and the Hollywood Hills

Market - Miracle Mile

Ocean Docks - San Pedro

Pershing Square - Pershing Square

Playa del Seville - Playa del Rey

Richman - Bel-Air

Rodeo - Beverly Hills

Santa Maria - Santa Monica

Temple - North Hollywood

Unity Station - Union Station

Verdant Bluffs - Griffith Park

Verona Beach - Venice Beach

Vinewood - Hollywood

Willowfield - Willowbrook

Doherty - Dogpatch

Hashbury - Haight-Ashbury

Garcia - Mission District

Easter Basin - China Basin and Hunters Point

Queens - The Castro

King's - Noe Valley

Santa Flora - Twin Peaks

China Town - Chinatown

Juniper Hill - Russian Hill

Juniper Hollow - Cow Hollow

Calton Heights - Pacific Heights

Palisades - Presidio Heights

Financial - Financial District

Esplanade East - The Embarcadero

Esplanade North - Fisherman's Wharf

Ocean Flats - Ocean Beach

Paradiso - Presidio of San Francisco

Battery Point - Fort Point

Four Dragons (Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino)

The Pink Swan (Flamingo Las Vegas)

The High Roller (Bally's Las Vegas)

Pirates In Men's Pants (Treasure Island Hotel and Casino)

The Visage (The Mirage)

The Emerald Isle (Fitzgeralds Las Vegas)

The Starfish Casino (Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon)

The Clown's Pocket (Circus Circus Las Vegas)

Caligula's Palace (Caesars Palace)

Royal Casino (Casino Royale Las Vegas)


Sun rising behind pyramid of The Camel's ToeThe Camel's Toe (Luxor Hotel)

Come-A-Lot (Excalibur Hotel and Casino)

The V-Rock Hotel (Hard Rock Hotel and Casino)


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Ganton - Compton

I didn't know Ganton was Compton, but do you know what Grove Street really is?

By the way Magic_Al nice avatar man, I remember seeing that from the Chepelle Show when they made fun of GTA.

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