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[SnP] Freefall [v2]


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I'm on it...

For: homework178

Mission: Freefall

Helper: JAJ

Link: <savegame>


My game crashed while I was on Bike School so I just did Freefall for you.

$15000 & respect gained mission reward.


@Helpers: The schools still need to be done.


The game gives you a 9mm pistol for this mission. If you have another different, pistol, I've found that if you equip CJ with the pistol before entering the plane you get the 9mm with the same amount of ammo you started with. If you don't equip CJ with the pistol before entering the plane, at the end of the mission CJ has no pistol.


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I'll try at least one of the schools for all-Gold


I got carried away and did all three schools all-Golds


For: homework178

Missions: Back to School, Boat School, Bike School completed

Helper: Zoomzoom (zmoonchild)

Link: http://gtasnp.com/download/4988


Back to School

Mission Passed!

Driving Skill +


the Super GT, Bullet, and Hotknife will all spawn in front of the Turning Tricks Advanced Driving School


Boat School and Bike School completed, all-Golds


NO CHEATS were used



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