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IPL of oldgarage_sfse


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Hey, I got a problem.. I want to change the modelid of oldgarage_sfse (the old Xoomer fuelstation you get from Catalina). I found the ID already in sfse.ide (11387) but to get it work I need to change the modelid in the IPL too... But I can't find it written anywhere in any IPL!


Does anyone know how to do this? Isn't there a programm such as MEd which gives you also the IPL and IDE where it's written in?


dontgetit.gif Thanks in advance..


Edit: Oh, second question: Is it possible to remove an original SA-Col file from ingame? Where are the COL's written..

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I think you want to make another model for the old_garage, well if it's that then the old_garage dff is in gta3.img.

The COL's should be in gta3.img or in the maps folder.

Wah! The big mean moderators won't let me rip models and post pirated software!
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