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ABS brakes


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I have one question. I have been editing some car's handling data,

and there is line for ABS brakes.

What these brakes do, because I cannot see any difference in-game.


Thank you for replies.

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Yeah, true. The wheels stop steering when holding handbrake for both ABS and non ABS.


Or maybe it has some hidden powers.

Dont know, you Cerbera are professional.

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I think that ABS are locking the wheels so the wheel doesn't stop, it just braking and stop normaly on a wet road colgate.gif

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Cerbera - The ABS setting does nothing in GTA3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas



Either way i think that this is crucial for rainy weather

when the road is slippery...





Cerbera, ן understand in your blog that you quit from gta modding

is this true ???



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abs cycles the whells from locked to unlocked and back to locked so you stop really fast and can still turn (in real life anyway) try turning and stopping on a abs equipped car and on a no abs one, the abs one turns better

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The definitive answer : ABS only works on the front wheels in GTA SA. The rears will lock regardless of the ABS setting, but the fronts will respond to it.


However, since this topic was dead for 6 months, I'm obliged to report this bump so it can be locked.


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