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Next GTA: GTA: Los Santos


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Gaurantee theres no more GTA after this one.

OK man. Considering how much money and attention they get for this game already, your 'guarantee' with no souce, or no reason fails.

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I dont want GTA:Los Santos. I want another San Andreas. And dont tell me 360 and PS3 cant handle it cause they can, and with no loading times too with better graphics then GTA4 smile.gif

... The reason they cannot do San Andreas again is because it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for the GTA system to stretch the map any farther. If they tried to make a map bigger than GTA:SA, they would have to completely tear down their entire system and build it up again from scratch.


True story. I can't remember the interview, but some representative, or possible Dan himself, has stated it.


So an SA remake would be the same size as the first, which... would be fail. Imean, really. Everything would be the same size. :-/


Now, on one hand, I would like a re-make of Los Santos.


But on the other, the thought of a gangster game being made so comparatively close to the last one makes me physically sick, and over 9000 unoriginal and unimaginative half-wits would just want it to be a stupid sequel to the first SA story, which is failure. (The same as people who keep saying "zOMG DONALD LOVE SHOULD BE IN THIS GAME" because they don't have the ability to think with an ounce of originality.)

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It is more than plausible to make a return to Los Angeles, or Los Santos. However, MC's LA is Los Angeles, not Los Santos. LA aside, it is a city designed for racing, for driving only.


What I have siad has previously mentioned, but I wanted to make my thoughts, similar to others', known.

I am not saying they will take the exact map of LA they are using in MC:LA, but if they do make a GTA: Los Santos, they will have a more realistic city (like GTA4 now has the Statue of Happiness, which wasn't in GTA III), however they will CALL it Los Santos because it is in the GTA universe. Think of how many LA Landmarks and buildings they have already made for MC:LA using RAGE. To be able to recycle even the building structures alone would save them a whole lot of time and hassle, and research. They could change the entire layout of the city of course to make it more suited for a GTA game. But the idea here is to take a vast treasure of digital information and cash in on it by making the next GTA set in Los Santos.



I would be annoyed if they use another map again. I want something completely new. Not an 'updated map'.

Annoyed is one thing, unwilling to buy GTA is another. Would you actually not buy it? This is what Take-Two wants to know.




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I have to bump this. It is interesting to read back at how confident I was of GTA V being in Los Santos, and what people thought about GTA V even before GTA IV was released. smile.gif


I think I must have been the first one to punch on this one. cool.gif

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