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SnP Gray Import Mission GTASA V1.0


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I am using version 1.0 GTA SA on Windows Vista Professional. I am stuck on Officer Tenpenny's second mission, Gray Imports. I have played it a bajillion times now and the Russian keeps getting away. Could someone please be kind enough to beat this mission for me. Thank you very much, its sincerely appreciated.







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Is there something wrong with my request? I know it takes a while to beat a mission, but no one has even posted a reply yet. Please let me know if there is something I can do to fascillitate my SnP being completed. Thanks.





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Nothing's wrong with your request, but it's a volunteer service and if nobody's around to do it, you have to wait.


Anyhow, I'll give it a shot.


For: elmoreas

Mission: Gray Imports

Completed By: pdescobar

Status: complete

Link: http://pdescobar.home.comcast.net/tmp/GTASAsf6.b


- saved back at Johnson House

- no cheats were used in my turn but the cheat warning appears when saving

- the GTASnP upload was giving me trouble so I uploaded it somewhere else; when you download you can rename it if you want it someplace other than slot 6

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Thanks, and thanks for the info too.




Thanks for doing that for me, I know about the cheat warning I tried to use them to beat the level and still couldn't but was dumb enough to hit save with them used when retrying; and I don't have a backup copy. NP about the other site. TYVM again.



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