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SA Crashes when i go anywhere near wang cars O.o


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My Game crashes everytime i go near wang cars in SF, it happened in SA:MP firts, now in single player. at first i thouhg tit was the transfender but it seems it's not


any ideas


PC Specs Are:


Graphics - ATI Radeon 200m Xpress

Proccessor - Intel Pentium Core Inside

OS - Windows Vista Basic


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Install the v1.01 patch if you don't have the Second Edition, and try running the game in Windows 98/Me mode to avoid frequent crashes in Vista. Windows XP compatibility by the way sucks and should not be used. lol.gif


And remember, don't assume that it will crash again on the next try or attempt!

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If you've modded any peds check if their right in the peds file .. all comas, all periods, every keystroke means alot to the reading of the game files.

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