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I was scrolling through the topics in a sub-forum and realised that it would be a lot better if we had an option of jumping directly to a desired page.

For eg., if there are 1000 pages in a forum and you want to reach the 500th one, it's a lengthy process to keep on clicking the 'Next' button all the time. Instead, let there be a box, I type '500' in it and I immediately jump to that page. A lot of forums on the world wide web have this option, so I thought it would be nice to have this here too.


What say, guys?

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Oh, but we have this option wink.gif.


Click Pages: and enter a number in the subforum.


EDIT: Got beat by Fuzzy... sad.giftounge.gif

We will be the arms that lift you up oqKntbC.gifWe will be the hand that strike you down

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Click the word "Pages:" rather than one of the numerals following it...



Damn! That's so dumb of me. More than one year on this forum and I never found out! blush.gif

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