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GTAForums.com SA-MP Server


Recommended Posts

Simon Quinlank
Did my game crash, or did the game crash?


When I restarted it the server was empty. sad.gif I'm going back anyway.

The game crashed. Parky's rebooted it now, it's fine.


I typo'd my command and accidentally put in 612 instead of 512. Whoops.

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Knife, you still taking ideas? Because we were talking earlier, and we wondered what a Hide & Seek game-mode would be like. Then, we all played in the City Planning Dep., and thought it would be fun. Me and TOC are willing to work on a map for it with MTA Map Editor.

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Had a good time on the server tonight, cheers to everybody that was playing. We need to sort out the game modes and stuff though, it seemed to be crashing every 3 seconds! Even if one time was my fault. blush.gif




user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

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How do you reboot from the external rcon? I do it from the console in game using /rcon gmx, but you can't do that all the time when its crashing.



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Just login in with the password to the console, then rcon gmx I would have thought, I do it through the website so it restarts the server and not just the game mode.


Was brill last night, I'm happy there were loads on, even if the pillock who started the countdowns put a 0 on the end each time moto_whistle.gif

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Yes was pretty damn fun last night. I only just got the game yesterday and it was a good introduction to SA-MP.


I assume we'll be going again tonight?


Also is there a way to do it so that I can input the IP address and connect to the server straight away or do I have to wait for all the 'internet' servers to load first?

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@Knife: Ooh, nice. I won't mess with it though.


Anyway, going to re-install SA and SAMP. I keep getting "Cannot determine your version" blah blah. And when joining some servers I get "SAC could not update".



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Manhunt owns.


I love that, even if I can't win. Ever.



Also, there were mad people on a minute ago, until it crashed. I'm going back on now, hopefully a few people will show back up.

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No more SA-MP for me, I will say that I had a decent time everytime I was on though. Including the time when a certain pbm logged on just to request me to unban him, then swiftly logged off. Might see you if its still going towards the run-up to GTA IV.

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What's with the haphazard group of car generators right at the /home spawn point? Don't recall them being there previously...


EDIT: screencap (ignore the fire wink.gif)

user posted image

Edited by pdescobar
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That's from silly people with admin powers spawning crap all willy nilly.


The other day I died when I got stuck inside two hydras that were stuck in each other, right on top of the strip spawn point. dozingoff.gif


user posted image


Really wouldn't be a problem if people would just reset the server when they're done mucking about.


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