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GTAForums.com SA-MP Server


Recommended Posts GTAForums SA-MP Server



user posted image






iRC Commands:


!say X Relays the message to the SAMP server

!join X Forces the echo bot to join channel X

!kick X Kicks player X

!ban X Bans player X


Registration is sorted, as soon as you get onto the server, just type in /register [PASSWORD] when you join the server just type /login [PASSWORD] and it will remember your stats/money/admin level etc. Though the server should automatically recognise you.


This will be useful for all admin levels, now 1-5, and when the gang system is ready to go up, I have found a useful tool that I can sort the gang turf out with, so will get round to it ASAP.


There are lots of commands with the registry system


Player Commands


/register /login /report /stats /time /changepass /resetstats /getid


Admin Level commands


Level 1

getinfo, weaps, vr, repair, ltune, lhy, lnos, lp, asay, ping, lslowmo, ltc, morning, adminarea, reports, richlist, miniguns, saveplacae, gotoplace, saveskin, useskin, dontuseskin.


Level 2

giveweapon, setcolour, lockcar, unlockcar, burn, spawn, disarm, lcar, lbike, lheli, lboat, lplane, hightlight, announce, announce2, screen, jetpack, flip, goto, vgoto, lgoto, fu, warn, slap, jailed, frozen, mute, unmute, muted, laston, lspec, lspecoff, lspecvehicle, clearchat, lmenu, ltele, cm, ltmenu, write.


Level 3

sethealth, setarmour, setcash, setscore, setskin, setwanted, setname, setweather, settime, setworld, setinterior, force, eject, bankrupt, sbankrupt, ubound, lweaps, lammo, countdown, duel, car, carhealth, carcolour, setping, setgravity, destroycar, teleplayer, vget, givecar, gethere, get, kick, explode, jail, unjail, freeze, unfreeze, akill,aka, disablechat, clearallchat, caps, move, moveplayer, healall, armourall, setallskin, setallwanted, setallweather, setalltime, setallworld, setallscore, setallcash, giveallcash, giveallweapon, lweather, ltime, lweapons.


Level 4

crash, enable, disable, god, godcar, die, ban, rban, settemplevel, uconfig, botcheck, lockserver, unlockserver, forbidname, forbidword, invis, uninvis, killinvis, fakedeath, spawnall, muteall, unmuteall, getall, killall, freezeall, unfreezeall, kickall, slapalll, explodeall, disarmall, ejectall.


Level 5

god, sgod, setlevel, pickup, object, fakechat, spam



Some are straight forward others you can see what they do by typing them ingame



Edited by Parky.
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We have until 6pm GMT tommrow evening to make most of the server, then the trial period will be over, so jump on any time you can, there's been about 6 or 7 of us on.


I've seen Hollaz, and someone with queen in their name on, so nice one guys icon14.gif It's people visiting the server that gives us reason to keep it going.


Adamcs also visited, and tried to have us reckoning he was Brazillian sly.gif

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OK, that was fun. Played for awhile with Truthy & Parky and very briefly with Hollaz before the crash. It's all good Parky; I think I'll call it a night though. Thanks for the game!

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Damn it, of course you guys put up the server when my Presario finally sh*ts out. I'm stuck on a laptop, so if I come ingame, I'll get about 6FPS.




Still might come ingame though.. so tempting..


Edit: Okay, screw it, I'm going to lag to death but I'm coming in. Just have to install SA:MP.

Edited by EmoPat
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I'll be back later on with a load of Z's though icon14.gif

How much later? It's 5:57AM here, and I have school tomorrow, so I can't stay on much longer.


Going back ingame, but damn, it's hard getting used to having such a low amount of FPS.

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You couldn't be shot! You never lost any life! Lagosaurus Rex. sad.gif

Yell at John Howard and Telstra, not me.



And I did lose health, it just takes longer to show when you lag.

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