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Vice City Fanfiction Story?


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Please add a post and account deletion procedure!


You, as a webmaster or administrator, may have arrived here through an account information page on the site you're coming from. It seems the user tried to delete his/her account, however found this to be impossible. Therefore the user scrambled his/her personal data and referred to this page, requesting the site to create an account deletion option, preferably by completely deleting all personal data from the database.

More and more people are concerned about online privacy. Therefore we encourage online services to create an account deletion option, hopefully transparent and easily executed by the user. By anonimising personal data, retained data is rendered inadequate for (commercial) use. As more people use such measures, the urge for deletion options becomes stronger.

Besides, your site may be labelled white instead of black in the listings of AccountKiller. This provides more trust to users even considering the creation of an account at your site.

For further reference, also read the FAQ on AccountKiller.

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ummm probably Salvatore Leones family because they want to take over or the Forellis with Franco or Sindaccos.

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Just to let you know of a personal pet peve of mine: if you're going to write a story, write a story. Don't do a crude, unimaginative "screenplay" approach, like:



Diaz: Tomm,y you betrayed me! I coudl've had you made!


Lance: This is for my brother!


*Tommy and Lance shoot Diaz in the head*


I'm telling you, those stories (or rather, attempts at stories) bug the piss out of me.

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I agree with the Bartles - as usual - and yeah, the fan fiction belongs in Writer's Discussion if and when you post it.

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