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>_> I deleted the FW off of my PSP for some reason... and now when I turn it on the screen is blank and then it turns itself off after like 20 seconds, so what the hell do I do???


P.S.- It was Official FirmWare, just so you guys know.



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You CAN'T delete the firmware. Is your battery charged? Did you install the new firmware with the AC power plugged in like Sony suggests? Were you 100% sure it was official Sony firmware?


If not, you have a BRICKED PSP. The Pandora battery is the solution if you bricked it. Do a search on Fanjita and Noobz to find more info.


I do have more Qs, but these are the most common issues causing a brick.

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Usually it could be the battery. You should check your battery usage a few times every time you're playing the game.

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