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A skin question


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Hi, i'm an italian newbie smile.gif

I'm trying to put a Leatherface skin mod using imgtool20, but when i try to replace the face.txd with face (V1).txd (the face of the killer), it doesn't work...... it does error......

Can you help me please ?


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did you edit the original texture with txdworkshop, or did you just copy another txd over the face.txd ?

the name of the txd, and also the names of the textures contained in the txd should not change.

if you give more details on what you did and what your "error" looks like, we might be able to help

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I resolved the problem, and now i'm using txdworkshop, but i've another question: txdworkshop is used for modifying and create skins, true ?

I should replace the file only, then i should use imgtool20 an not txdworkshop....... or i'm wrong ?

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