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Easter Eggs not found

woke ellie

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While playing San Andreas, I was listening to my favorite radio station, Radio Los Santos. I never really noticed this but their are two shout-outs given. One from Sam and the Boys in Liberty City, most likely refering to Sam Houser. And another shoutout from Les, also given the name Leslie, refering to The Benz. These people are game producers of R* and R* North. Ever since I herd it, it was bugging me into having it hidden as an easter egg. I looked in the easter eggs section and found no such eater egg as this.

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Yes. But you know how many people with the name "Sam" there are. For example one with the last name "Fisher".

How come you didn't get banned yet?

Ironic. -Justin

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it could be. but the main reason this game was completed in the first place was sam houser.

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