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GTA Vice City not Running on XP


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This is my First post......pls Some body Help me.

I hav GTA Vice City version, running successfully on Windows 98 but not on XP. I also changed the Compatabilty Mode to Win 98 but Not Working. I cannot continue with Windows 98 due to some Professional Needs..So I want to run this Game On XP...I read the Complete Trouble Shooting Thread but didnt get the solution except change ur Compatibilty Mode...I did this but no result......


ON xp,After playing Movie..this error Occures.....

user posted image


Plzzzzzzz Help me...........I lov this Game

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Consult the pinned posting requirements.


Yes.. I hav already done this and read every line of Pinned Topics...




u download or bought this game?


I purchased GTA Vice City CD From my Own City......

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Consult the pinned posting requirements.


Yes.. I hav already done this and read every line of Pinned Topics...

No, you haven't.


The error you are reporting is generic and useless. We're going to need to know as much as possible to have a chance of helping you.

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No, you haven't.


Sir..In the First Pinned Topic,,In problem#19..you hav little bit discussed about this problem then no further info has been given in next 2 pages.......I hav searched and also read many Problems but no solution to my problem..If ther is the solution then plz give me link or screen shot...plzzzzzzzz


I hav also Read the Second Pinned Topic...I hav'nt find the Topic which is running related to this problem..

Edited by KashifNawaz
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I hav also Read the Second Pinned Topic

Again, it is quite plain that you haven't. I'd elaborate, but if you go ahead and read the topic you'll see it requests certain information from you; information you've so far failed to supply.

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it would be a good idea to post what version-- original, platinum, doublepack, triplepack


I dont know. I purchased a CD from market. It has 2 files...Here is the screen Shot of these files.


user posted image




Pentium 4, Intel 2.4 Ghz




512 MB DDR (333Mhz Speed)




built-in 64MB of Intel 845 GVFN Main Board




Windows Xp Service Pack 2




DirectX 9.0b




Built In RealTek AC 97 Audio




Yes..its my First install.It never worked before but on Windows 98....




I hav already described my problem in detain in my first post with Screen shot....





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I ahv also visited some other topics in the Same Troubleshooting section and realized that other members are not Posting their specifications as well..So Why Should I post my Spec acc to 2nd Pinn Thread..plz tell me

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Update the driver for the Intel GMA 845 chipset at the Intel website. Also, make sure you are using an administrative account when you installed the game.


user posted image

It rather sucks to buy the game like that - buy the retail box. Did it actually install the Vice City core/data files, as well as the radio stations?


OK, go into Add/Remove Programs, and confirm if Vice City is 1.46 GB in size.


user posted image

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Thanx...Btw..i am admin of My PC...and my Game Installation size is 1.05 GB in Add Remove Plus.



I will Update Driver and tell you later on..Thanx

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Is there any link to download GTA-VC.....?



As far as I'm concerned, you've got a bogus, pirated copy of the game and you're now asking for a download link. Whether this is the fault of your own or not is immaterial - GTANet won't support warez and the problem will likely be fixed by running e legitimate copy of the game.



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