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DVD case cover


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Name: Team Hyper Pogo


Size: DVD case size


Theme: Just do it however you fell like it biggrin.gif


Resources: everything you need should be in here




Colors: Anything


Additional info: Just do this however you feel like it. I need one with a havoc logo and one without.

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I'm currently working on it. will post it later on.


EDIT: Here they are. They might not be the correct dimensions, but pm if you need them resized. Hope you like it! smile.gif



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image

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Thats awesome dude!!! but is there any way we can get some changes?


First off take off the gecko video part and put Ryan O'Malley.


Second instead of mena, put michael, and add taylor, zach, and tristin.


and in the special features take out the text and put "includes THP 1, THP 2, And THP 3." and "Bails and bloopers"


And where it says visit youtube.com/link, put http://www.hyperpogo.com\


and last, take off the "sponsored by" on the front.


and one last thing. I like the middle part, but they are going on slim cases (i probably should have told you that) so it wont be needed.



If you could do those, It would be freaking amazing!


EDIT: and about the dimensions, Im not sure what they are. But this site says, so maybe you can check it out.


Edited by GeckoVideo
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Holy crap, T-Cipp that's pretty sweet! Hopefully it turns out as good in print. Only thing I'd change is to rearrange the special features section to make it line up and fit better in that red box part.


But really, really good job! smile.gificon14.gif

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