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i need this File " default.ide "


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hi guys


i tried to play VCMP but i cant login because it's need " default.ide , handling.cfg " the orginal files


plz help me biggrin.gif

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Sorry we don't distribute files. Re-Install the game.


Follow the following procedure :

  1. Uninstall Vice City
  2. Delete the installation folder (Default is "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City")
  3. Re-Install the game.
  4. Now make a copy of the installation folder, re-name it to something like "GTA Vice City MP".

    Use this copy for playing VC:MP and the original installation for GTA Vice City.

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my friend bought it , not mine

Then please get yourself a copy of a game. Should be damn cheap these days. GtaNet does not allow file distribution.

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