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( Sorry If there already is one of these threads )


So I noticed when I've entered GTAG I always get to know little next to nothing about the mod. and I just wonderd if we could start a review thread about GTA Mods, so people will know what to look for and know what/where things are.


Also I'm kind of sorry that I can't post my reviews 'cause I don't really have a GTA for PC yet, so is there anyone that would be willing to take a job as a reviewer ( no payment included ) and make a GTA fan's day?


Also, if anyones up for this it would be nice to first look at either GTA 2 or GTA III before looking at the huge numbers of mods for GTA San Andreas.



Happy Modding!


If this comes along, I will put a credit list in the first post.


( Example )

Defur - Reviewing Cj Skin Mod - For GTA III - Page 1, Post 1.

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The Mod Showroom is only for posting previews/downloads of completed or near finished mods.


Why would you need reviews of mods if you can't even use mods; due to the fact that you have pc versions of the games. Also it is unlikely that someone will want to take on the job of reviewing a bunch of mods for you since there are so many mods out there and in addition many already have info, ratings, and screenshots relating to them. Thirdly, personally, I believe the best way to find out if a mod is good or not is to download it and experience it for yourself. After all, everyone has different tastes, likes, and dislikes so who knows; you could stumble upon a mod that you hate or you could love it regardless of what the review says about it.

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Well this idea got pwned.


I would mean that the reviews would be for everyone not only me. It's just that like for example GTAG have very very little info on the mods that are uploaded there, and other sites i know of are on Russian/German.


Just wanted people to give their thought's about all the mods out there and if anyone would recomend a mod for other users.


Also, I posted this in the Gaming Chat and it got moved here, so that's not my fault.

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