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My "small" Triathtlon issues


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Im having hughe difficulties to "beat the cook"(spell) second race, (little town outside Las Venturas)

i have full stamina, i have max health, and im holding down the ctrl button the whole time, still

i can't cum..come!!! near my enemies sneaky2.gif the problem is the damn swiming


no matter how fasst CJ swim, thei swim faster, and CJ bastard getting tired and ends up last

everytime, and when i have goten on the bike..thei are all out of sight for godd, not censation cause CJ can't cyckle

fasst up the big hill after the beach either...ike the other ones,

and not the least..none of them are making and misstakes either

(like falling of the bike, distracted by the male forest-whore i placed to shake fat-ass Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif on the roadside at.........Flint County! devil.gif so clearley we have only a misstake me! dozingoff.gif)


any advice what i shall do to prevent being leaved alone in the beggining of the race cryani.gif




sorry klicked wrong forum!!!

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Wrong place mate, this is the Vice City section. You want the San Andreas section wink.gif

yes you where fasst there, i noticed myself 1 second after post, i hade klicked wrong blush.gif

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