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can anyone please help


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I have gta sa-mp, so that must mean I have gta sa v1? I used the downgrader patch. I just wanna know if anyone can help me with modding. Ive tried tuts but im soo lost. Anyone?

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I was talking about installing a building mod. i dont know how to do it

Replace the dff and txd files you have for the one of the gta3.img. Just remember to REPLACE not ADD. biggrin.gif



edit: it should have a readme.

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so.. open up the IMG editor....open gta3 hit Replace and then find my file I want, it will replace it...the end?


Also shud i just copy my whole GTA 3 for a backup

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Make sure to delete the files then import the new ones (none of this replacing malarky). Once you've done that rebuild the GTA.img archive.


Yes it would be wise to back up. You only really need to make duplicates of anything you modify.

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