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Modded San Andreas Slows Game Down BADLY


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When I go past MOST of the modded cars (from the GT mod), and the FPS drops down to a VERY choppy FPS, it doesn't do it on all of the cars, but alot of them.


Using gta 1.1, no-cd patch, but its a LEGAL copy of the game, bought from Wal-Mart, I use no-cd because on my laptop when I ran it off the DVD it heated my laptop up BADLY (190-220F).





GTA: San Andreas 1.1 w/GT mod

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

1GB 512 MB 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM (x2)

120GB 5400-RPM SATA Hard Drive

Intel Core Duo Processor T2050 (1.6 GHz 533 MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache)

DirectX 9.0c

Mobile Intel 945 Express 128MB Integrated GFX (Newest Drivers)

640x480x16 resolution - draw distance set lowest possible - detail on LOW



Any other info you need, feel free to ask.

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It's bound to happen. Most modded vehicle authors use far more detailed models than those found in the original game.


You can try freeing up some system resources to help cope with the greater workload, or simply not use those particular vehicles that are causing issues.

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