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hi.. having strange probs with gfx vista home basi

google jeeve

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ok well the prob is that when im playing gta the image is grainy and i was wondering how to fix this? its really bugging me im not kidding...

it wasnt like this in my first install of the game,which was on the same computer before i was forced to do system recovery. this is the original disc and evertyhing.



specs are:

athlon 64 3800+ 2.4ghz

1.4gb ram

NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE which is integrated graphics... 128 mb i think...

NVIDIA nForce 430 Chipset angry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gifangry.gif Please help i cant live without playing this game and it bugs me the bad pic

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If the problem has occured post system restore, try re-installing the game.

It also seems that you have turned ON the widescreen option. Have you tried turning it off?

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Run the game in 32-bit color.


Updating drivers and deleting [.set] file can be a good start as well.

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