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Reni Wassulmaier


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LOL I loved him tounge.gif , he was as funny as hell, but I do wish you could have done missions from him in LCS sad.gif But oh well you can in VCS. I still remember him hosting Flashback as the DJ just the comments like "I can impregnate my self, zat iz a talent no?" LOL did anyone else here find him as amusing as I did or was he just annoying.

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^ Yes even though you couldn't actually see Reni's face in LCS it would be funny to see what weird look he had going on back then smile.giftounge2.gif, how could he get annoying though, like examples. Remember his line in the VCS commercial "It's 1984 darling evreybody's on cocaine* I said that to one of my freinds in his exact voice and he started laughing his head off!

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Reni was funny as hell.


Vic: Reni, put your head down!


Reni: In your lap, darling?



LOL I remember that. I lol'd. I also like those conversations with Barry, Phil & Reni.


epic lulz

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Reni was extremly funny yet again anoying so he/she/it isnt in my fav caracters list.I dont like 80's people much icon13.gif

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In VCS, Reni was just creepy! He kept wanna touch Vic's ass! I was like WTF? and then there was another time where he or she begged Vic like a dog!

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She was... Weird. I didn't like her/him at all. I think she/he was a poor character of the game, but sometimes she/he was funny.

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