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*Vice City*on Windows Vista & Windows7


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

I think I figured out why the GTA games freeze/mouse freeze randomly, the problem is every now and then when you load a game/play for a while, the game freezes or the mouse freezes right after the game loads, the CPU usage will jump to 100% causeing the program to "not respond"-thus causing you to have to ctrl + alt+del to get to the task manager to end the program. I have confirmed this a few times, because EVERY time either the game freezes or the every now and then when the mouse freezes, I hit ctrl+alt+del and go to the task manager to end program, and when I click on the Processes tab, it shows 100% CPU usage for a couple of seconds, then goes back down to around 4% like it normally is. So the problem lies with the game trying to use too much CPU power-it shouldn't be anywhere near 100% usage normally, since I have a Dual-Core Processor.


I possibly found the problem, but have not found a solution other than the ctrl+alt+del method. This goes for III, VC, and SA, and is for Vista AND XP SP3. Hope this helps.

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my vice city du work even aftr gettin a 1.5 GB nvidia graphics

Need way more info then that... feel free to start a troubleshooting thread but please read the pinned posts and post all the info requested in the one pinned thread that says--- read this before posting a help thread.


Does that card support 640x480 resolution??

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

can you help? i installed GTA VC and it plays but when it loads it freezes, i installed mods aswell but they dont work..... i also installed a trainer, which it wont let me delete



Edited by jaky2008
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Reinstall the game and delete the gta_vc.set file from the User Files folder.


If that doesn't help, at what point does it freeze? Have you tried running the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode?

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  • 7 months later...

I have a HP Vista computer and GTA 3 and Vice City doesn't work. When I installed GTA 3 and tried to play it, the game came up as audio. So it was only the soundtrack of the game. When I tried downloading Vice City at halfway it said "Insert disc 2" when there's only one install disc and one play disc. So I put in the play disc then and it kept on going. But it never finished and it would probably have come up as audio anyway. San Andreas works fine and it's a 1 cd disc so maybe it's something with that. I have all 3 WoW games installed as well and thats about 10 discs in one game. And the irony here is that San Andreas was the only game of the 3 that didn't have poster or manual which it should have.


Help would be good by PM.

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  • 9 months later...
I can run it maximum settings on both vista and win7 huh guess I'm lucky

You do realize that this topic is from 2007, when Vista first came out right? There has been a lot of updates for drivers and a SP1 and a SP2 for Vista, as well as a SP1 for Windows 7. So, of coarse the game is going to run better now, since there are newer and better Video cards, Processors, and drivers/updates.


Also, Why did you bump a year old topic without adding anything helpful to it?

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  • 3 months later...

all i no is it works on win 7 i had it on my win 7 laptop last year


But drivers suck balls, i am on xp now and it is slow as f*ck

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  • 2 months later...

I'm glad I read this. Thanks for posting this. I had given up on trying to get Vice to work to even a satisfactory degree on Vi$ta, but I might go dust it off....whenever I find out where in hell I put it.

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  • 4 months later...
  • 2 months later...

I have problem with my VC on win7. On XP everything work correct. So, i noticed that all-proof car don't have proof tires & windows. Is there any solution?

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I have problem with my VC on win7. On XP everything work correct. So, i noticed that all-proof car don't have proof tires & windows. Is there any solution?

There is no way (without modifications) you can have in garage a tire-proof vehicle.

Even though it might be before you parked it in a garage, one you open it again, it will not be tire-proof anymore. The same goes to the windows.

Sorry, it's just how game engine works.

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  • 1 month later...


The GTA Vice City works perfect in windows vista, seven

Of coarse it's going to work a lot better on Vista(and Windows 7 for that matter) now since there are far better Video cards and processors with more up to date drivers now a days..This topic was from back in 2007, when Windows Vista first came out and people just starting getting it... tounge2.giflol.gif


This IS still a handy topic, as there are people who are unable to run the game under Vista/still have problems with the game on Vista(most because of low system specs), but still there are people with higher-end systems that have problems..

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  • 3 weeks later...

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Does not run properly on my VISTA HOME PREMIUM...While Loading, it says UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ...And it closes the game!! Help Me QUICKLY!!! sad.gifsad.giffacedesk.gif


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  • 2 months later...

Have you tried reducing your "draw distance"-- has it always done this??


Delete your gtavc.set file and reload your game-- (without changing any of your video settings initially)-- it will start up in 640x480 resolution--- see if the problem persists--- if not... start tweaking your video setttings one at a time... you will have to quit and reload game any time you want to change any of your settings....


You really should post ALL of your PC specs...

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I have having trouble playing Vice City on Vista I have made a video please read the description any help would be great Thanks



The problem is your Video card-SIS cards are NOT good for gaming-especially on Vista..They work OK on Windows XP, but not on Vista, since Vista is more of a resource hog than XP...Even I had A LOT of crashes with VC and III on my old PC which too had an SIS video card(and that was Windows XP)...Since you are on a laptop(as seen in your video), there really is nothing you can do besides running the game at bare minimum specs, since laptop video cards cannot be upgraded, since they are soldered in(according to a local PC Repair shop in the Gulfcoast area)...


Plus, the Clock speed on that processor is a little low for Windows Vista-2.0GHZ or higher is best for Vista and 7 OS's...(again, taken from your specs from the Video)...


You should either downgrade to Windows XP(which can't be done, as XP is not sold anymore-according to Microsoft.com, it was stopped being sold back in either October of 2010)-here is proof of that-From Microsoft.com:

Even though we ended the sale of Windows XP on October 22, 2010, we still plan to provide support for individual users and businesses until April 2014.
So, you will have to get a better PC if you want to play games decently on PC, i'm afraid... confused.gif


On the PC I have now(which is a laptop), I can run III and VC and SA at Full HD with max. settings and the game plays perfect and this is on a Intel I5 @2.53GHZ w/up to 2.93GHZ w/Turbo Boost, 6GB DDR3 Ram, an ATI Radeon HD5470 w/1GB vram and an Intel HD video card with up to 3216mb vram and Windows 7 Home Premium..I can even run IV and EFLC at medium-High settings at 30+ fps with no problems...However, I can run the game great on a laptop with an Intel Centrino(Core2Duo) @2.0GHZ, 2GB DDR2 ram, and an Intel GMA video card w/128MB vram and XP Pro SP3 at the same settings for III, VC, and SA-maxed out-except no AA for SA and a little lower resolution...


Also, as Spuds said above me, Lower your Draw Distance to minimum and set the resolution to the lowest(you have to right click the VC.exe to get to the properties to do this more than likely?)-making sure to delete the .set file before starting game(as Spuds said above)...The Draw distance and Resolution hurt performance a lot on slower PC's-I found that out from experience...


Basically, what I am trying to say from the above examples, is that it seems from experience(as I have used ALL 3 OS's-XP, Vista, and 7), is that it seems like Intel Video cards are a lot better at gaming than the VIA/SIS cards are/were...?


Also, Why is the SA version of this topic locked? Just curious? confused.gif

Edited by radioman
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