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Strange Issue Please Help!


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I recently ran into a very strange problem with san andreas on my pc. I load up my save or start a new game, when it has finished loading up the screen is black. All I can see is the map in the corner and the health bar etc.

I can still hear everything that is happening in the game and I can also move around. My graphics drivers are up to date and I have changed nothing since it stopped working.


My specs are:


OS-Windows XP (SP2)

Graphics card- 128 mb nVidia geforce 5700 FX

HDD- 220 GB (2)

Proccessor- Intel Pentium 4 3.20 Ghz

RAM- 512


Thank you in advance

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The newest drivers is this one.



If you are already using it try an older one, any of the ones on this page that aren't Quadro drivers should work with yours, if you try any of the 2007 drivers and still have the same problem it may be worth trying one from 2005 or early 2006.


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I rolled back my display drivers to the most stable which is 168.18. San andreas worked with these drivers fine before but still no luck sad.gif . Is there a way to reinstall san andreas without the disk as my friend gave me the disk for a while and then I used the no cd patch. If you have any other options that I could try out please do tell me them, thank you.

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I know I shouldnt say this but download the game from the net and reinstall it...

P.S.: You used the no-cd crack not patch...

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looks like thats my only option. Only way to do it though will take a long time, probably days, thanks for the help anyway

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