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Wont run


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When I try to run gta 3 it just doesn't run.




Athlon 64 x2 4600+

2 gigs of ram

windows xp

320gb hdd

Radeon 1300 Pro 256 mb

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... Any details? Error message? Crash? History?


Try Windows 98 compatibility mode to counter the dual core processor and Windows XP problems.

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Yes, like Fuzzy Juzzy said, if you have a problem with mods, please post

in the modding section. But what's the problem with the mod. Do you have

white cars, or will it not load? Make sure you install it in your gta 3 folder,

and delete txd.img and txd.dir after RealGTA finishes installing. And make

sure that you install in a unmodded version of the game.

Moved into the BUSTED group upon request.

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Shouldn't this be under trouble shooting because I can't get my mods to run?

And when I put the cd in and let it auto run the game doesn't come up, and I press the shortcut and nothing either and i deleted all the files except



GTA3 Dir file and the folders.


and it still doesn't work.

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