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I am new to VC modding and I was sondering if there was a mod for VC PC that makes all cars have reflections like the one's in VCS? I remember reading something about Vice City in Linux and it said that it had reflections like in VCS and I was wondering that if Linux could do it, then couldn't Windows?


Does anyone have any answer to my questions?


Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT: I was also wondering if there was a mod that enabled more realistic shadowing like in San Andreas on PC and XBOX.

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modding questions belong in the modding forum ...

Correct, but please report the post rather than replying to the topic in future. Thanks.


Moved from VC General Discussion to Editing Discussion -> Misc.

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k. Next time I'll know not to post there. Anyways, does anyone have an answer? Reflection mods? Graphics mods?

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