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Advertise your server here!

Recommended Posts


user posted image


Hello, and welcome to this thread about

GTA: San Andreas Online


We have 2 servers: 1 RPG server and 1 STUNT server (stunt+freeroam+dm+race)


All information can be found on the website and the forum.

Have fun!


website: GTA San Andreas Online

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New forums added (link is below in my sig)



Still looking for people to help test out game play, and to troubleshoot bugs. Experience is helpful but certainly not required.


I'll be adding a few admins to the server, and moderators for the forum.


Sign up on the forums to get started (link below)

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==Server Info:

This is a exactly Balkan Roleplaying Server(Bosanski,Srpski,Hrvatski),but we invite all other language guys too.

This is a server about pure RP.

If you dont know what is RP,go exactly make a topic on GTA Forums,ask what RP means,and what rules are,probably somebody should answer you.

We dont allow DM-ers,exactly we allow cheaters,but just dream it,they will get autoban if our protect cheat finds a dll,that shouldnt be opened during SA:MP.

Our Server is new and got really good conditions like:


1] -- Roleplay matters commands added like on all Roleplay Servers:


2] -- If you hit a wall,building,car with your car,you lose energy(wich leads to Real Life Possibillity).

3] -- Improved Forums.

4] -- Some Faction Leaders still needed.

5] -- We need 2 new scripters{skill must be medium|average}

6] -- Our IP Adress Will be Added,because we host from home for now,you will get the info on forums.

7] -- Our Forums page is : www.beyondreality-rpg.forumotion.com

8] -- if you dont understand our 3 Balkanic languages{Serbian,Bosnian,Croatian}just ask in forum help what it means.


That's it,we hope you will enjoy our Server|Forums.



If you need any Modding Help Like Making SKins,you get my MSN : [email protected]



Enjoy ! !

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Samp (San Andreas Multi Player)



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**Royal Role-Play Server**


**Prison Role-Play Server**


-_-_-_- OGC Community -_-_-_-


Two NEW great SA:MP (San Andreas Multi-Player) Role-Play servers No password all who wants to come in is welcome!! its an Israeli server,Godfather mod upgraded, has the most and the best of all, Mafias,Police,Taxi's and other Factions you would just dream of think not treated well tell the admins which will take care of you as helpful as they can be if your interested or want to find out more goto:


-RP Server-


-Prison RP Server-


-Ventrillo IP:


Hope to see you there!

Edited by shaishi

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user posted image

The Tarkers SA:MP Server

IP :



Current gamemode is a free-roam mode, still under construction. Call it a beta or WIP if you like. There are bound to be problems. If you've found bugs/got suggestions for the server, post at our forums or at our Multiplayer Chat

clan topic.

To chat with players on the server, get on #ttserv. Type !help for commands on IRC.


Commands :

You can get to know the commands by typing /servhelp or /help in-game.


Features :

  • Free-roam mode.
  • IRC Chat
  • In-Game help for commands
  • Player Spawnable Vehicles
  • Countdown Timer
  • Teleport to major locations.
    • Airports
    • Grove Street
    • Verdant Meadows
    • Desert
    • Jizzy's Dome
    • Madd Dogg's Cribb
    • KACC Military Fuels
    • Doherty Garage
    • Countryside
  • One-click Teleport - Right click on map to teleport.
  • Private Chat for clan members.
  • Nitrous Oxide on demand
  • Jetpacks on demand
  • Reset vehicle orientation on demand.
  • Automatic Car Door Locking System
  • Player toggable God Mode during normal gameplay.
  • Save and call vehicles.
  • Save and load player positions.
  • Disabling players' name tags and radar markers on request.
  • Special zones for MiniGames.
    • Crack Palace (DM)
    • Kickstart Stadium (Stunt)
    • Bloodring (DM)
  • Skydiving minigame.
user posted image
.user posted image Edited by GTArv

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I am advertising my server ,i am looking for about 40 peoplefrom Eastern Time Zone Canada and U.S ,the server is near Toronto Ontario



I use a password so i will not show server here only link to my forums.


My server uses gangwars vs 0.1 and entire map is used so there are vehicles everywhere and you will not be stranded in the middle of nowhere and miles to walk.


Interested please goto my forum for more details to come and join/reply at foums.



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Server HostName : GangsTa Life + Drifting_car tuning


Server Ip :


Game Mode : GangsTa And Cars




in this server you rgaining respect by Drifting , Killing Skills , Driving ,Flying And ofcorse Stunting.


when the Gang members will see that they will contact you ingame

the admins will make you a Gang member (REMEMBER! - Do Not Select Gang skins unless The admins Accepted that!)


When youll be a Gang Member You will recive Your Car With Style


That car will be only Your car.


There will be partys at our spot And there will be Drifting partys in our spot


that you will come with your Ride And Recive some respect by Drifting

And Bike(NRG500) Stunting.


Its like GangsTa Party Cars.


We hope you will enjoy there



the Mod is like RPG Soon We will have the Car lock , Fuel codes.


Oh Forgot to tell Ya Every single Gang Member Will Get A Home With His Car Near The Gang Hood


My Gang is - The - "Crips" We Roll In Grove St. Hood


And The Other Gang Is LOL- "Grove St." Roll in A Big Mansion.


Need Serious Man/Women To Lead This Gang.


Only serious People are Allowed To Join to this server


people who respect what i wrote here.


No Gang Wars Unless The Admins Or The Respected Members Know About



Thank you for takin your time by reading this.






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Lost Island






Come Here if u like doing stunts Here is good Staff Tah doesn't ignore people



Small fun pic user posted image


You all are welcome biggrin.gif And always be wink.gif

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Role Play Server



HOST: RDS Romania

Slots: 100

Ping: ~20 for european ppl

Mod: The Godfather

Map: San Andreas

user posted image





HOST: RDS Romania

Slots: 100

Ping: ~20 for europeean ppl

Mod: Gang Wars

Map: San Andreas

user posted image


Forums: http://www.linkmania.ro/forums/index.php?showforum=124




Mode information:


Static Factions:

- Police Department

- FBI/ATF Team.

- National Guard.

- Medical Department (Ambulances & Firemen).

- La Cosa Nostra.

- Yakuza.

- Mayor.

- Hitman Agency.

- CNN Studio.

- Taxi Cab Company.

- School Instructors (License system).



- Will react only if you registered a new account.

- You must fill in your sex (Male / Female).

- You must fill in your birthdate (Will automaticly calculate what age you are).

- You must fill in your Origin (Based on this, you will spawn somewhere in SA).

- After all the filling in options, you will get a tutorial containing rules etc..


Leader System (Dynamic):

- Admin can appoint a player that will then Lead a Faction (of above).

- Leader can invite Civilians (With faulty check system in it).

- Leader can kick players out.

- Leader can assign Ranks to his Members.

- As soon a Leader invites a Civilian, it will check what that Civilian will become and teleports him somewhere, where the Civilian can choose a skin that comes with that Faction.


Family System (Dynamic):

- This is done by the 2 Organisation Leader (La Cosa Nostra & Yakuza).

- Both the Organisations can recruit 5 families.

- Both the Organisations can delete their own Families.

- Players can check which families are created, and who's the Leader of it.

- Players can check which players are in a family.

- Leaders of a Family can adjust anything they like (Name / MOTD / Color / Spawn).

- Leaders can Invite / Uninvite players or give them a Rank.


Turf System (Needs some tweaks..) (Dynamic):

- There are several turfs that can be given to Families by Organistaion Leaders.

- As soon a Family get's a Turf, it will become their Color (Not fully working i think as they keep being grey).


House System:

- Still in because it was so nicely created by Astro.


Business System (Looks like Astro's, but is rewritten plus different functions):

- Uses products instead of Components & Products.

- Owner name will be shown when entering the icon.

- Extortioner name will be shown when entering the icon.

- Coordinates of going in and out will be saved.

- Level requirement active aswell.

- Basicly some of the stuff that Astro had, only i reduced it and went to Products and added Extortion.


Extortion System:

- Owners of a Business can assign a player as the business's extortioner.

- Owners of a Business can also delete the extortioner of their business.

- As soon a Business earns money, and it has an extortioner it will check if the extortioner is online and will give him 10% of the earnings the Business is about to get.


Karting System (Business):

- Located at the docks, and as soon 2 players or more are in a kart, there will be a message after 15 seconds that a race will start (Message will only be send who is in a kart).

- Automatictly ends the Kart Round after 4 minutes (Just some extra security).

- Checks whoever gets 1st / 2nd / 3rd.

- Checks if more then 2 people are still racing during a Kart Round, if not, the Round will be ended.


Paintball System (Business):

- Located at San Fierro, and as soon 2 players or more are in the Painball Arena, there will be a message after 15 seconds that a fight will start (Message will only be send who is in the area).

- Automatictly ends the Paintball Round after 4 minutes and will announce the Winner.


IRC System (NO not real, just for private channels) (Dynamic):

- Admins can assign a Channel to any player, and that player will then lead that Channel.

- Leader of a channel can set the MOTD / Set a Password / Set if a a Password is needed to come in or not / Lock the Channel / Kick someone.

- As soon you try to join a Channel, it will check if you need a Password or not.

- If you join or leave, everyone in that Channel will receive a message.

- Players can check how many players are in a Channel, and who the leader is of a Channel.

- Players use /i to talk in their Channel.


Mayor System:

- Only 1 mayor, assigned by an Admin.

- Mayor can set the Tax, that will be paid by every player online at PayDay.

- Mayor can give some of the Tax away to every online Cop / FBI / National Guard automaticly (Since Cops etc... have a bad income).


Prison System (Area51):

- Cops / FBI / National Guard can "deliver" players to Fort Demorgan (Area51) and that players is in jail for 1 hour at least.

- Players can't leave the Fort (Should be adjusted perhaps for more fun).

- National Guard (they were guarding the Fort in Godfather Server) can use the Security Building and use 6 cameras for activity.


Marriage System:

- Players can marry each other and share their House & Business.

- Players can divorce each other (One of them will have no House & Business).

- Players can propose to other players.

- Players need a witness in order to Marry.

- Players marry at the church in San Fierro.


Newpaper System (Dynamic):

- A maximum of 10 papers can be created.

- The Newspaper Faction can create a title and lines as a newspaper and it will be saved automaticly.

- Paper Boys can deliver created Newspapers at the Paper Building to players.

- Paper Boys & Newspaper Faction can check if there are any Newspapers.

- Players can read a Newspaper.


Skill System:


Job System:

- Scatterd around LS and SF their are several locations where Civilians can get a job.

- The Job information and name will be shown as soon you walk into the icon.

- You can only get a job if you don't have one yet, and are not in a Family / Faction.

- As soon you accept the job, you get a Job Contract, which you have to forfill for at least 5 hours (ingame time) untill you can quit it.

- When you have a Job, you have access to several commands.

Detective: /find.

Lawyer: /free.

Whore: /sex.

Drugs Dealer: /selldrugs.

Car Jacker: Jack any car & /dropcar (sell a car).

Car Mechanic: /repair /refill /duty.

Bodyguard: /guard.

Arms Dealer: /materials /sellgun.

Car Dealer: /sellcar.

Boxer: /boxstats /fight.

Paperboy: /papers /bring /deliver.


CK (Character Kill) System (Dynamic):

- There are only 10 spaces available, if full the CK can't be requested.

- Players can request a Character Kill on someone else, and must be accepted by an Admin.

- Admins can delete the CK out of the list if they don't agree.

- As soon an Admin allows a CK, the system will check if both those players are online.

- If the player kills the other player that he / she wanted to CK, that player is CK'd and can't login on that account anymore.

- If the player that is about to be CK'd, but kills the player that requested the CK, that player instead is CK'd and got pwned and has same result as above.


License System (An idea by someone on the Godfather Forum, thats why it's created this way, noy my own way):

- License Faction can RP their lessons, and eventually give one of the Licenses available (Driving / Flying / Sailing / Fishing / Weapon).

- License Faction can start a lesson (Car / Plane) with a player so he / she can enter that vehicle (Else that vehicle is locked).

- License Faction can easily stop the lesson.

- Cops / FBI / National Guard can take away players Licenses.

- Players can show their Licenses to other players.


Drinking System:

- Players can drink at several pubs and special places.

- Players can choose several things to drink.

- Drinks that contain alcohol can eventually get you drunk for a while.

- If a player is drunk, he will walk drunk every xx seconds (Can be adjusted if you like).

- If a player is drunk and drives the car will change position every xx seconds.


Boxing System:

- Players that have the Boxing job can fight against each other.

- It checks if the ring is not taken at the moment.

- If players win, they will earn Points in their Boxing Skill.

- Players can get several titles the more they fight (Can be adjusted if you like).

- Players can check how many fights they won & lost, and see who is the current champion.

- If a player beats the current champion, there will be a News Message that he's the new champion.

- As soon the champion will fight, the fight will be announced in a News Message and the waiting time for the round to begin will be 60 seconds (normally it's 20 seconds).


Service System:

- Players can call for a Taxi / Bus / Medic / Mechanic to help them out.

- System checks if the Faction that is being called, if anyone is on duty.

- Those Factions that can be called, can choose if they accept the call or not.

- As soon a call get's accepted, the accepter get's a checkpoint to the caller untill he reached that player.


Tie & Tazer System:

- Only Family Members / Leaders can use the Tie and Untie functions.

- You can only Tie someone while both the players are in a car (Just RP the player in, point a gun or something).

- If the player that's being tied is tied for 3 minutes, the rope will get lose and the player is free.

- Only Cops / FBI / National Guard can use the Tazing function.

- If a player get's tazed he will be stunned for x seconds + after effect (bit weird walking).


Taxi & Bus System:

- Check if you are in one of the 2 factions and are in a Taxi or a Bus.

- Busses can only use a static fare, that will be paid immediately when a player enters the bus.

- Bus Driver and the passenger will both get a message they paid, and how much.

- Taxi's can set a fare, that will be paid every xx seconds, since taxi's use a taxi meter in real life too.

- Fare and new fare increasing time will be shown on top of the screen.

- The total fare amount will be paid to the Taxi Driver as soon the passenger steps out.


Hit Contract System:

- Hitman Agency faction can use a portable computer to: See news / Get a contract / Assign a contract to a hitman (Rank needed) / Order a weapon package / Check the ranks of online Hitmen.

- Before a contract can be given to a Hitman, there needs to be searched for a contract (automaticly search).


Weapon Creation System:

- The Arms Dealer job can gather packages, that can later be transformed into Materials.

- With Materials Arms Dealers can create weapons, and sell them to players.


Fishing (An idea of Cops & Robbers):

- Checks if you have a fishing License or not, or you will commit a crime.

- Checks if you have caught to many fishes in to little time, since you can sell the fishes and players will do this all the time to get rich.

- Checks what Level your Fishing Skill is, based on this you can catch better fishes.

- You can see how many fishes you have caught and which.

- You can throw back your last caught fish.

- You can throw all your caught fishes away.

- You can release your last caught fish.



- You can cook several things, like fishes and stuff from the 24/7.

- You can see what you have cooked and how many space you have left.

- You can eat whatever you have cooked.


Ingame Mission Creating System (Dynamic):

- Works only if you are an Admin.

- Admins can easily save and load a new Mission.

- You can create text messages & Game text messages.

- You can save the coordinates where players need to go to.

- You can give a title to your Mission.

- You can give a reward to your Mission if a player succeeds to finish it.

- You can choose if the players will receive checkpoints, or not (If not then they really have to search and it's all based on RP).

- Players can only do a mission once, even if the mission get's reloaded, since the number of the mission get's saved into the players account.

- When a new Mission get's loaded, players can go to the Mission Building and start their Mission.


Premium Account System (Bonus Features for players):

- Your Interest Rate (for each PayDay payment) goes up.

- Your Gas Can (from /get fuel) will be saved into your account.

- You can block Whispers.

- You can turn your Phone on / off.

- You spawn with full health.

- You can quit a job at 1 hour played, instead of 5.

- You are able to get better house cars.

- You will receive your saved weapons on login and after using /tv.

- Every 5 PayDay's you have you'll get an extra Respect Point.

- If you use /buylevel and you have more Respect Points then the level costs, you will get them back to advance youself to the process of the next level.

- On every PayDay, you will get your normal PayCheck, plus half of it as a Bonus.




** It's a simple game mode of DM. There is gang zones and gangs.

** All commands you can see at server using /cmds

** On server is:

* 20 gangs and 20 gang zones;

* stats system;

* banking system;

* all san andreas map;

* anti flood system;

* anti cheat;


Map: http://img260.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gwmg4.jpg


Everyone is invited! tounge.gif

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New Server has been open Las Venturas Mafia come and play


It is a Roleplay Server so you need a Rp name like Oliver_Wood



HostName: ~°~ Las Venturas Mafia ~°~


Players: 10 / 50

Ping: 57

Mode: Mafia RPG v2.0

Map: San Andreas


And forum : http://lvmafia.forumotion.com/

Edited by johnny8ball

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HostName: CityWide RP

Players: 18/100

Mode: The Godfather: LS/SF

Map: San Andreas

Web address: http://www.citywiderp.tk


CityWide RP is a GTA Roleplay server, based on Godfather, with lots of improved stuff and possibilities, including:


- Jobs

- Improved economics

- Gangs

- Cops, FBI, Army

- Hitmen

- Private property (houses and cars can be upgraded)

- Businesses

- Lots of fun stuff (creative events), so your gameplay will be never boring

- And much, much more!


This server was made by players and for players. You are welcome to join our community.

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user posted image


The City of RolePlay

Homepage: www.thecityofrp.info.se (english site, dont let be tricked about the adress). Have some plans to move to a new site without advertises. But that should be happend later then we still working on the script.


About us: We have a own scriptet that still adding factures and more. He is verry good (i mean it) and called for Kyrolos. Many playesr that visit us have said that its a good scipt. The server is on 24/7 and have and runs for a week so long.


Weclome colgate.gif

Edited by nicke157

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Eddy Corleone

HostName: ~..LVAP..~ 'RolePlay'


Players: 1 / 100

Ping: 8

Mode: LVAP RolePlay: LV

Map: San Andreas


Its New RolePlay Server Rules like Other no Dm and non rp,and name We are looking for new people in and meaby admin at start i will pick some leader of faction there is: Corleone L.V.P.D,FBI,National Guard,Stracci,Barzini,Paterno,Tattagila,Government,Taxi Corporation,Fire And Rescue


Half Script Made By Me.







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Please check out our movie:





user posted image



Name: .. Wildwest Roleplay .. [wildwest-rp.com]




Server Map: Fort Carson/Dillimore


Server Mode: WWRP v2.0 (RolePlay)



What is unique on this server?
  • [li]This is the only RolePlay server located in the desert, it's not only the location thats in the desert. The whole gameplay is WildWest Style.[/li]

[li]The Server got 2 city's, when you register you'll choose your origin: Fort Carson or Dillimore, This is your living city.[/li]

[li]Getting guns is not as easy as in other servers. Never thought about: Buying guns legally in shops isn't very RP? Well, in WildWest Roleplay weapon dealing is RP!

You'll have to deal with the mafia to get your guns, if they like you they offer you a gun. Having a gun gives you more power in this server, thats what is called RP.[/li]

[li]We got special places, we got a total Beach scripted in, a train station scripted in and a huge fight arena scripted in[/li]

[li]Also get rid of the usual interiors? We got total new interiors that ain't used much yet![/li]

[li]Much factions are added, over 14 official factions! (and alot more unofficial factions!)[/li]

What special functions does the server got?

  • [li]A Professional
Car Ownership function, very extended![/li]

[li]Really Special: We got Inevita RP coming. This is a big add-on, created by our scripting team. With InevitaRP our server will be more dynamic then any other server. InevitaRP will suit all your needs![/li][li]Helicopter Trace, used for PD. When they are near a suspect and flying in a chopper. All cops will get a marker on their maps as long as the chopper stays near the suspect![/li]

[li]Personal owned bars: Buy your own bar and see it as a headquarter, or just to have som fun in![/li]

[li]Dynamic functions, which can be editted from ingame: Create your own official faction in only 5 minutes ingame![/li]

  • [li]Developed inventory system[/li]
This script got many more functions, included nice commands! Check out ingame for them!



The Wildwest RolePlay team hopes to see you soon in our Wildwest Roleplay server!

More information: Check out http://forums.wildwest-rp.com


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delete this please

Edited by blueonyx_i

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user posted image


  • Its based on new, modern and scalable gamemode. What does that mean? Yes, as most of SA:MP roleplay servers, its based on Godfather. But we we are constantly working modifying it. Actually, there is already about 30% of code rewritten. Many bugs fixed. Many new features added. There is no hard-coded gangs, cars, houses, businesses. They all are stored in database and can be changed / extended on the fly.


  • Gangs. Yes, its a lot of fun if you play as lone wolf, but its much funnier if you join a gang. Being in a gang gives you much more possibilities. Each gang has its own HQ, gates (only gang members can open them), cars (only gang members can drive them).


  • Gang gunlockers. Each gang can store up to 10 guns of the following types: Eagle, Shotgun, MP5, AK47, M4, Rifle and use in case of attacks on their HQ, or for point battles, or for any other purpose. Every gang member can store guns in family gunlocker. Every member can withdraw them.


  • Gang safes. Every gang member can put money, materials and drugs to the family safe. Only Boss and Underboss(es) can get them from safe and distribute between gang members. Family leaders can also hire materials / drugs runners to be prepared for battles ahead.


  • Point battles. There are certain points on the map that can be claimed / taken over by gangs. Currently there are 7 points: 3 materials pickups, 3 materials drop offs and 1 drug pickup. If your gang owns a pair of points (Materials Pickup 1 - Materials Drop 1), all gang members can hold 2x more materials per run. Points also can be given / sold to other gangs by Leader of the gang that currently holds certain point. I admit that we stole this idea from another server. However, they stole almost everything from Godfather too.


  • Property. There are many houses on the map that can be privately owned. When you own a house, you will spawn there. Also you can upgrade your house to restore health and armor. Most probably we will add more features to houses. Also, each house has its own interior. You can set your house rentable so other people will pay you money for living there.


  • Car ownership. Yes, you can buy many cars that are available for sale. When a car belongs to you, you can lock it so no one else can steal it. You can also give a key to your car to any player(s). If your car is locked, only you or players who have keys can drive it. If you paint your own car with desired colors, it will respawn painted.


  • Car parking. You can park your own car in any suitable point on the map. Even after server restart, it will spawn when you parked it.


  • Bank robbery. You can rob the bank if you want. However, its not so easy. Every cop will be on you. If you get skilled by a cop, you will lose money.


  • Working gunshop. You can buy guns from either arms dealers or Ammunation gunshop. However, prices are different (in Ammunation, guns are officially sold for higher price).


  • Drugs system. Feel sick? You can increase your health by using drugs. Find drug dealers and buy some nice Weed from them. There are certain actions taken to get rid of drug-spamming (which makes your enemies very hard to kill, and almost invincible).


  • Realistic economy. Prices for almost everything are close to real life.


  • Advanced anti-cheat. There is no people with guns pulled out of the ass. There are no flying people. There are no spawned millions of bucks that break the whole server's economy. DUCK anti-cheat program is on duty. You can play with comfort without fear of noob hackers who can turn your life into a nightmare.


  • Open beta-testing. Our server is under development. Anyway, it will be always under development, because we will add new features every week. However, its completely playable.


  • And tons of other stuff. As I said before, new features will be added every week.


  • Interested?. Join now, current server is, new improved server will be available soon: You can always find actual server address at our forum, http://www.cw-rp.net.


user posted image


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user posted image


Server Information

HostName: San Fierro Roleplay [sf-rp.org]


Players: 50

Mode: SF-RP v4.0.4 (Coding done by Adam Chaprnka)

Map: San Andreas (San Fierro & BaySide)

Hoster: KINGJ


user posted image


Game Monitor

Game-Monitor Premium: Yes -Advanced

user posted image


user posted image




Port: 44114

Clients: 50



Site: http://www.sf-rp.org

We also have a Ventrillo server! Check our website.


We're looking for some players - So come and Join us

We're a 100% Roleplay server, so if you want to join a great Roleplay server, then you should join us.

We are known for our Roleplay, one of the best SA-MP can bring, you can RP as a gang member, mafia member, cop and much more.


We have some really nice administrators, that is always ready to help you!

user posted image

Some Features of the Server


Radio System - Realistic radio system with frequencys and 5 selectable and savable slots to fast switch, also a radio company which fees are paid to so you can talk.

BaySide System - Bayside is its own country, you can get a passport to visit this spectacular site. They have their own police and unfortunately gang.

New Entering/Exiting system - Press F or ENTER to get into and out of places, no more typing over and over or annoying auto moving you without you wanting to

Bank / SupaSave robbery - You can rob the bank or the SupaSave, but watch out for the police.

Animations system - We have alot of animations, like /relax /handtap /facelay, /sit, /scratch and much more.

Jobs - There alot of jobs like stuntman, waiter, hobo and much more (about 20 in total)

House system - You can buy your own house, when you get enough money.

Business system - You can also buy a business when you have enough money for it.

Car Ownership - You are able to buy your own car, keep it, custom licenseplate, do whatever you want with it.

Corporations - The big businesses are here in San Fierro, maybe you might be the president of one.. who knows.

Automated License Tests - Driving, Flying, and Sailing tests are automated so no more waiting for a DMV instructor to get online

AntiCheat - Gun / Money / AntiAFK are some of the features included in this server. All professionally scripted to help the Roleplay experience.

And alot of more. Come and check it out!



user posted image



You can write /help, there you will get 4 possibilities:

user posted image

Commands: - Here you can see all our commands, (Picture right under this)

user posted image

Credits: - Who scripted, own the server and host the forum.

Website: - This is our website, where you can find information about the server.

Animations: - Here you can see all our animations such as crossarms, surrender and more.


user posted image



•La Raza

•Taxi Company



•Mancini Familia

•Bayside Police Department

•Seville Boulevard Families

•News Team

•La Cruz Rifa

•Ballas Gang

•The Yakuza



•Emergency Medical / Fire Team

•Vongola Familia

•Mayor / Government




•San Fierro & Company


user posted image

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Mafia Stories Roleplay


A short video of server: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65G7ArR6fNc



New server has open if you want to know more about this enter forum >>>





HostName: ~�~ Mafia Stories Roleplay ~�~


Players: 25 / 50

Ping: 4

Mode: Mafia Stories Roleplay

Map: San Andreas


Regards you are always welcome to server. Come you won't forget this.



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Do you like to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: MultiPlayer?


Do you like to roleplay on the SA:MP servers?


Do you like to play in a tight-knit community with lots of activities to enjoy?


Then Billy's RolePlay is the GTA SA:MP server for you!



Server Information

Server Name: Billy's RolePlay

Server IP:

Server Host: ServerFFS

Server Forum: www.smfcentral.com/forums/billys

Server IRC Channels: #billy's-rp and #billy's-rp.echo

Server Type: RolePlaying

Server Map: San Andreas RP

Server GameMode: Completely Unique!




What is unique about Billy's RolePlay?


- A caring admin team known as Billy's Crew


- Unique Jobs: Police, FBI, National Guard, Mayor, City Hall, News, Paramedics, Taxi, Bus, Hitmen, Lawyer, Drug Dealer, Car Dealer, Gun Dealer, Whore, Detective, PizzaBoy, Tow Trucker, Paper Boy, Mechanic, BodyGuard, Boxer, and more!


- Many activities: Fishing (catch, release, sell, cook, eat), Sailing, Monster Truck Derby (/monster), be a part of a family or make your own, Car Export MiniMission, PizzaBoy MiniMission, TowTruck MiniMission, Xoomer (Fuel Export) MiniMission, Products MiniMission, Paintball Matches (DM), Get married, SMS Texting, Make a phone call, read the daily newspaper, Fly airplanes and helicopters, Own houses, businesses, and housecars, rent houses or cars, use the ATM machine or go to the bank, eat at restaurants, rolepay with the cops, medics, taxis, buses, FBI, national guard, news reporters and much much much more with more to come!


- Opportunities: Billy's RolePlay is a new server that was opened to the public at the end of July 2008. As a result, many opportunities await players. For example, we are currently searching for leaders for the Paramedics and City Hall - apply on our forums if you are interested. Also, every service and every family is looking for players to join them - leaving much room for quick advancement!


- Unique Commands:

a few of Billy's unique commands:

/navigation - Lost or don't know where you are going? use our own built in GPS feature - simply choose where you would like to go and a marker will show you how to get there!

/monster - Join the Monster Truck Derby and play against your friends!

/propose - Propose to your lover and get married at the SF Church!

/showlicense - Oh no, did the police pull you over? Use this command to simply prove to them that you do have your driver's license!

/animlist - Use this command to see all of our animations !


and much much more!!

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If you like to RP, Help a new server to grow!

Visit our web to find out more

Server is accepting administrators and testers..


Edited by BlowMagnum

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Global Roleplay


user posted image


Connecting roleplay all over the world







Background Information


After a 2 month hiatus, Global Roleplay has decided to reform and recreate a roleplaying community which sets out to deliver premium roleplay quality to its players. Initially founded in late 2008 by Yuval (Copia), Alex and Robin, Global-RP had a very short life, declining rapidly due to a lack of interest in the countryside roleplay. Global-RP closed due to lack of interest, their aim was not yet achieved; however after further discussions between Yuval and Alex, the two decided to reform the community to create its original goal.


With the community's intention to reform, Global RP then approached several former admins to rejoin them, forming a multinational admin team. Global-RP looks set to return and looks out to become a multi-national roleplaying server. However, in forms of communication, English will be the primary language used within the server.






The Roleplay

With the server being dedicated and located in Israel, Global Roleplay accomodates up to 200 players at the same time with a runtime of 24 hours, 7 days a week. The roleplay itself is set at a high standard. With previous experiences from other servers, Global RP wish to re-emulate a good roleplaying quality with a professional admin team to help. As we are professionals, we are not going to instantly say, "yes, you can have this or that." In other words we will not be giving admin or faction freely away. We will approach you instead, you will need to earn them. Of course we have applications, but we will be looking out for players as well.


In a roleplay sense, players are allowed as many opportunities while playing their character. Factions such as FBI, LS-PD, LS-PCT and EMT have been established, with more coming soon. As well as government factions, we allow opportunities for players themselves to create their own commercial or criminal organisations. Like the factions and admins, we will look out for the best roleplaying gangs in approach for them to become an official faction.


It's not all about factions, players have the opportunities to do other jobs such as a Paper Boy, Pizza Delivery or even a Lawyer or a Mechanic. Characters can earn money and earn a living for themselves, and as a result you can buy new gadgets, cars and even properties. Live the American Dream, start your own business, choose your fate. And meet some new people!





News & Updates





We will have a ten day 'x2 system'! "A 'x2 system', what does that mean?". Well pretty simple, you're paycheck and you're job salary will be duplicated! So if you normally would receive a paycheck of 300 Dollar, it now will be 600 dollar! Everyone that will register will automatically receive a cellphone and a car license. Every payday will also be enriched with 4 kits to jack cars. This all to give you a fresh and wealthy start.



To celebrate our new and beloved server we will also have a lot of great events with some great prices. Think about for example a boxing tournament or a rap battle. There is also a contest. Send in you're own unique events to me and be the winner of 2500 in game dollars!



  • Server IP: samp.Global-RP.com:8109 (
  • Launch Video:
user posted image


user posted image

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I want to present you a german reallife server with an own script today.


Our advertisment is too large for this forum, so you have to look up our advertisment on our homepage.

Sorry for this Sad


I hope you will enjoy our advertisment!


for more information, you can visit our forum on:




and here are our advertisment now:









Ich möchte euch hier einen neuen San Andreas - Multiplayer Server vorstellen.

Es handelt sich um einen Deutschen RealLife Server mit eigenem Gamemode und vielen, inovativen Erneuerungen.


Da die Zahl der erlaubten Zeichen in einem Beitrag hier begrenzt ist, und unser Werbetext mehr Zeichen enthält,

muss man sich leider den Werbetext extern auf unserem Server anschauen.

Es gibt einen Werbetext für SA-MP Neulinge und einen weiteren für die alten Hasen


Wir bitten diese Umwege zu Entschuldigen und hoffen, dass ihr ihn trotzdem durchlest


Feedback ist ausdrücklich erwünscht, da wir nur so eure Wünsche einbringen können!

Weitere Infos findet ihr in unserem Forum unter:



Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Hier sind die Links:




Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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Zakash, read the first post. No linking to websites/forums. You're here to advertise your server, please leave it at that.


[RSA]Diego, the same goes for you. Also, what's the point of a server advertisement without posting the server IP?

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Sorry but you have to post in our forum to get the ip...we don´t want cheater, flooder or hacker who just copy the IP.

that will destroy our good roleplay/reallife feeling. sad.gif

Edited by GTArv

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Sorry but you have to post in our forum to get the ip...we don´t want cheater, flooder or hacker who just copy the IP.

that will destroy our good roleplay/reallife feeling. sad.gif

In that case I'm afraid that this thread isn't for you. I can understand that you'd like to prevent malicious players from joining your server, but this is exactly the kind of linking that is frowned upon here.

You may advertise here if you post the server IP; otherwise, please try elsewhere, such as the SA:MP Forums.

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that´s done already biggrin.gif


but okay, when i aren´t allowed to present the link here, i won´t.

thanks for the information!

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Van Loki


Edited by Van Loki

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My server is a DEATHMATCH


The IP:

The server isn't hosted, so I am looking for a free hoster. It won't be open sometime, but just don't delete it, wait and you will see it online, don't worry!


The admins team:

[WEED]Florynho(me, lvl5)





How you see, our clan is WEED. So to become a WEED, just must to be:

-a scripter(lvl4)

-a free hoster(lvl4)

-a forum maker(lvl3 or 4)

-a recruited(lvl3 or 4)=I actually have a recruiter, but he needs to be improved so I am waiting 4 you.


If you want to get one of this place, just add me [email protected] and [email protected] in your list and we will talk.

I want to be sure that you got some good skills, because I want my server to be the best in the future!

If someone can contribute at this, without wanting something from me, I will do everything he needs.

I actually don't have money, so, until I get my server cool, just need to do a free job!




Edited by Rafinha

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Sammy Osborn

user posted image




user posted image




Port: 3010 ( )

Mod: Larp Edit ( We updates a lot. )

Slots: 100

Map: San Andreas ( Los Santos & Dillimore )

Serverhost: ServerFFS

Average: 15+ Players Daytime

Server Location: France




Varrios Los Aztecas

Grove Street Gangsters

La Famiglia Sinatra

The Benini Family

Mibu Family


Applications Job

- Police Force

- News Reporter


- Los Santos Army

- Taxi Driver

- Licensers (Soon To Be Removed! DMV Center will be added)


Make your application at the forums!




Normal Jobs


Lawyer Job

user posted image


Whore Job

user posted image


Boxer Job

user posted image


Bus Driver Job

user posted image


Bodyguard Job

user posted image

Pizza Boy Job

user posted image


Farmer Job

user posted image


Car Mechanic

user posted image


Street Sweeper

user posted image

Material Smuggler

user posted image


Trucker Job

user posted image


Drug Dealer

user posted image




Owner - Don Benini

CO Owner - Kyoshiro_Mibu

Scripter - Andy_Fierro

1338 Admin - Enrico_Andolini

Level 3 Admin - Luciano_Bonante

Level 2 Admins - Carl_Rozzia and Lucas Giovanni


Car's Information

You can rent a car or buy a car, stealing cars is not possible!


Do not Cheat!

Do not Non-Rp!

Do not Metagame!

Do not Powergame!

Do not Swear!

Do not Flame!

Do not Insult!

Do not Spamm!

Do not Adversiment!

Do not Begg for money, guns etc..

Do not Ask for admin!

Do not DM'ing!

Do not talk about IC in OCC Chat!

Do not talk about OCC in IC Chat!

And alot more..


Other Informations that is needed

- Server is still under construction, don't worry if a restart comes here and there!

- Licenses is not needed at this momment! But if you realy want to have a gun, then ask an admin for the license!

- This server is English, so please.. TALK ENGLISH


user posted image


Best Regards,

LSPD Chief Sammy Osborn

Edited by Sammy Osborn

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