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Hey guys,



Today im going to show you how to restore the "lost" skateboard as a weapon into GTA: San Andreas.


Tools Needed:


IMG Tool 2.0


The tutorial :



Step 1:


Open up IMG Tool. Press "Ctrl+L" and navigate to the Grand Theft Auto / GTA San Andreas / Models folder. Select "GTA3.IMG". Press open.


Step 2:


Search "Spade.txd" and "spade.dff". Extract these to a location of your choice. I Keep a folder called "backups".


Step 3:


Search "Skateboard.txd" and "Skateboard.dff". Extract to a folder of your liking.


Step 4:


Find "Spade.dff" and "Spade.txd" Again. Delete both


Step 5:


Go to the location where you extracted "skateboard.txd" and "Skateboard.dff".


Step 6:


Rename the "skateboard.txd" and "skateboard.dff" to "spade.txd" and "spade.dff"


Step 7:


Add the new "spade.txd" and "spade.dff" files to GTA3.IMG. (CTRL+A > Find the files > Add each one seperatly)


Step 8:


Rebuild the archive.


You are done! Quite easy, Ill get a pic later, However you can see it in topic banner tounge.gif

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Search "Spade.txd" and "spade.dff".

Those files do not exist in the gta3.img. sly.gif

Yeah i dont see it there too ! mercie_blink.gif

wierd that he says Spade.dff and Spade.txd when it ISN'T in the GTA3.img

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spade = shovel. shovel.dff and shovel.txd


k thx tounge.gif

it worked now

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this is cool, but i just have a couple of qs


1. can u ride it, i know it seems like a dumb q


2. how do u acess it?


and thats it



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It is a weapon, hence why it replaces a weapon "Shovel", It also looks good when you replace the "Katana", but I doubt you can chop a head of with a skate board tounge.gif
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thats no to recover the skateboard, that only replaces the shovel to the skate dAH !!


the shovel is allreday a weapon


the shovel:



/ \

/ \


| |

| |

| |

| |


|| ||


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No advertising (a link in your sig is fine, but posting a topic about your site or PM'ing members with links to your site is not). Referral links of any nature also fall under this category.

Learn to read!

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