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need help badly


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I needed some big help trying to make my moms car.Its a jaguar S-type.Since no one in the requments would do it i figured i could do it my own.If theres already a link to explain or how to make your own car mods,please post that link.But the only modler program i have is Gmax.Could someone point me out to a tutorial that tells you how to make cars with gmax.like how do i get the textures and how do i use the modle,add exhust points and opening doors,adding the front lights and adding the values,(like the handling line and the vehical.ide lines ect.)Heres some pics of the car.I could of tookin the pics of the car with my phone and having to upload them all on image shack but its more easyer getting them from google.This is similar to the car.Just the engine is different and the interetor is suppose to be a 2001 modle.Its for GTA san andreas.




user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image





please help me with this. thank you smile.gif

user posted image
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