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[SnP] lots of races =] [V.1]


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Missions: 8-ball,Two Stadium missions in LV,Chiliad challenge,Freeway and Vinewood street races in LS,San Fierro Fastlane street race in SF.That's it!

Link: http://gtasnp.com/download/4551

Notes: I know it's a lot of races to ask for.But I have completed all storyline missions and these are the ones stopping me from 100%.I wolud be more than happy if someone colud do these races. tounge.gif

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For: Necromancer.

Mission: 8-Track, Freeway, Vinewood, Chiliad challenge, SF Fastlane, Kickstart and Dirt Track.

Helper: HerrieM

Link: Here

Notes: Had to save often to get from thursday to monday (after kickstart to get dirt track) Not all streetraces are done, just mentioning them if you have overlooked those. Also i sadly needed two attempt for SF Fastlane, and i didn't start ove. I hope you don't mind.

Edited by HerrieM
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Yeah,please do try them. biggrin.gif


No problems with double attempts and lots of saving,friend.I am just glad you were able to help me turn.gif

Edited by Necromancer.
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