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.dat files


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Been using mods in other games, been a bit easy in ones like x3 the reunion.


However I have followed Alci tool tutorial for adding cars, etc.


My one problem editing the .dat file.


Learned notepad doesnt do it. IPL Notepad messed it up so it crashed everytime.


tried gmmm (i think it is, the one that shows the vehicle as you do it), i couldnt get it to embed? when you click the question mark after you install it, gave me an error, tried running it anyways and it was a serious case of hit or miss for functioning (figured it didnt work with this one due to running vista).


tried using a free hexa download and it takes a bit of learning before I can use that effectively.


Is there a tool that is simple like notepad and keeps the file in .dat format afterwards?


anyhelp will be greatly appreciated!

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notepad and GGMM do NOT corrupt the files, especially Notepad.


The only thing i can think of is that the line you are trying to add is faulty thus crashing the game no matter what tool you use. Just leave it as it is, the handling wont change much i guess.

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Ok I just tried this and hopefully it will work.


I opened the gta.dat with notepad.


Saved it to my desktop.


DL'ed and used Jar Jar's text encoder v4


I tried originally with this is to open the dat directly through the text encoder from jar jar and that doesnt work, so hopefully the above will work.


I like the gmmm its a sweet tool, dont understand the problem im having with that.


also does SAMI work on version 2 of san andreas?

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dang didnt work sad.gif


gonna try the garage again and do what Alci img tutorial has you do:


Use the garage to mod in the stuff


and rename the old .dff and .txd to .old ,obviously before i mod it in wow.gif


so far i havent been able to play and enjoy the fun stuff of mods


if anyone feels im doing something wrong or do it better let me know, help me help you de-sert my head from my arse!

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also does SAMI work on version 2 of san andreas?

no it doesn't. and i maybe found your problem; u're using version 2.0 of gtasa. downgrade gtasa 2.0 to 1.0 with the downgrader patch, maybe this should fix everithing.

PD: google for the downgrader patch

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yep tried that too sad.gif


when i hit the "?" when you load ggmm for the 1st time it tellls me it fails 'something' key

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