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claiming Glen Park Boys and living in Las Venturas


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How you feel bout Grove Street members who claim Los Santos hoods but dont live in Los Santos? My game got niggas claiming "Glen Park Boys" which is the GSF region in Glen Park and Jefferon out in Las Venturas who have never been to Glen Park. They out there in Whitewood Estates and Creek. Even got Glen Park Boys in San Fierro and dudes in other places like Fort Carson claim Ganton/Idlewood. But most the GSF hoods I made outside of LS got their own hood names by now. Like Goon City, Rock Block, Moneyside etc etc. So should outtertown GSF rep Los Santos hoods or should ALL start they own hoods?


Now I dont got a problem cuz I started those hoods and they are official. Glen Park in Whitewood, Palisades, and Creek is real. And Westside GSF is real in Palomino Creek. Anywhere else no. It dont make them "copycats" to me.


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