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I'v a Problem with an Aimbot-virus


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Ok here a short review:

Yesterday I played normaly San andreas, like each day, I went to Bed, this afternoon I tried to connect to an SA:MP RPG-Server, but it didn't work. My only thought was: "WTF". Ok, then I started playing normal GTA: SA and noticed that the controls had changed, i couldn't control the camera by moving the mouse and when I klicked the right mouse button CJ automaticlly aims to the next NPC.



My problem is: I didn't installed any kind of cheating programms or aimbots, reinstalling is impossible because the original DVD is at the home of a good friend and he can't find it >___>. So can anybody halp me, pls.


- mumufish


P.S.: Sry for my bad english.


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You can either reset all the settings manually in the options menu, or just delete the SET file.

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