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aaahhhhh ive tried every thing and need help BIG t


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ok heres the thing i had GTA SA running today and then suddenly "BANG" crashes, i try to load up again it crashes at load screen i dont have the disks with me and im stuck trying to do this


PLZ help


P.S this is the error code(if it helps)


AppName: gta_sa.exe AppVer: ModName: gta_sa.exe

ModVer: Offset: 0015d234



thx in advance

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Did you purchase the game in the shop or downloaded it from the Internet? Did you put any mods in the game? My guess it’s your No-CD crack that cause the problem. Also SA is on DVD and not CDs.

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ok, i bought it from a shop and i got the no/cd crack till i get my disks back


also i said disks that could mean either

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SA is on one single DVD. Anyhow as I said No-CD crack is probably causes the problem. Get your game back and reinstall it.

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