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LCS Checklist for 100%


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My game progress is already 70% and I want to complete 100%. Yeah yeah I know you won't get anything for 100% but still I am a big GTA fan and I want that all GTA's would be 100%. I already done VCS and SA.

I'm too lazy to search for a checklist on the forums, so I would like that someone could post me some links.. smile.gif

NB! For PS2!

Thankyou. turn.gif

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Actually you do get something for achieving 100% in LCS. Firstly a Rhino (tank) that's delivered to Fort Staunton and Infinite ammo.


Just a bit of advice I wouldnt encourage you to show your lazy to get links as it wont be tolerated by admins, mods and led-bys if it means your making topics that didn’t need to be made. In this case I will give you the link to the 100% checklist.

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