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Vice City Problem - PS2


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I was playing the mission where you take over Diaz on my PS2, and when I went to get in, all the entrances your supposed to get in through were shut.


Anyone know what happened?

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You need to get inside the mansion, but the main entrance is locked. Lance's health appears on-screen, he musn't die during this mission, so protect him at all times. Kill (from a distance) the goons standing by the pool at the left side of the mansion. Then go up the stairs and proceed around to the back of the mansion, where more gunmen are waiting (this is a much simpler route than going through the maze.) Follow Lance into Diaz's mansion.
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I already said that ALL the entrances your supposed to get through are shut.


I've already played it about 5 times through, but this time, all the doors are shut.

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Do you know the where the pool is round the back, there are 2 doors, the one on the left leads to the mansion, but they were shut this time.

What about the one on the right?

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Listen, let me make it more clear.


There are none of the doors open what you can go through to get inside to kill Diaz, and I know, because I have played the game many times without those doors being shut on that mission.


I have played this many times to know I'm at the right door what I can go through.

Edited by ConnorM
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Here's my solution:





Problem #14:

Why aren't the pool doors open when I try to do the "Rub Out" Diaz mission? It is stopping me from completing the mission!


Solution: This happens rarely depending on what you do throughout playing Vice City. A simple solution would be to pilot a helicopter and bring it up onto the top floor of the mansion where another entrance lies. Note that Lance doesn't have to follow you as he eventually spawns next to you (doesn't have to). After you have went inside successfully, kill the guards and kill off Diaz.


Alternatively: Do the "Walk through Walls" trick. Once you do, you are able to kill Diaz without getting hurt. BUT not so fast! -> after you have killed him, you must hunt down in this unloaded mansion the EXACT area used to trigger the intermission sequence that you were supposed to go through and had missed earlier before (the upper floor opposite to Diaz).


Advice: Avoid using cheatcodes in the future.

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