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Brand new spanking news!


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Thanks there for getting my hopes up sigh.gif


I agree the board is slowly dying. Rockstar do not help when they do not reveal anything new whether by short gameplay clips or screenshots. it is frustrating waiting forever on news on the game and I am kind of annoyed with Rockstar that they gave many of us a release date they probably might of known they will never make it on time.


I am still really anticipating this game now though but the lack of information is making many (including myself) come to the boards less. Let's face it how can people discuss the game if Rockstar do not release anything on it? There is only so much we can talk about.

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kill her in my iller
Yeah right...


this place is a ghost town.

Completely agree, It's not like these people could have anything better to do confused.gif


retarded member






Also PBM sticky dicky dogg along with many other banned accounts. - Xcomm

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