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Map Editor v0.32 problem


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hello. i have just downloaded the Map Editor v0.32 from GTAGarage but after I started, i found that it cant render any map. I went to "About my computer" and found


MEd v0.32 - System Information


Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition


OpenGL Version: 2.0.6747 WinXP Release

OpenGL Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.

OpenGL Renderer: RADEON 9600 SERIES x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE

Supported Extension: GL_EXT_BGRA

Unsupported Extension: GL_EXT_PALETTED_TEXTURE




how can i fix this?

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Go to the site of the maker of your video/graphics card and look for an update.


Please specify your PC specs, so I can make a diagnose of what's wrong, so you can fix it (either with or without help of others)...

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