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the Extra car from R*: Cougar


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Hi all,


I've been playing around with VC for a while now and I found the Cougar DFF and TXD in the gta.IMG. I remember reading somewhere about this extra vehicle, and how it was never available in the game but I am unable to find that article/thread now. All I find on the web are articles about adding a Mercury Cougar into the game.


So my question is:

Has anyone enabled this vehicle for in game use?

I tried appending it to my handling.CFG, default.IDE and carcols.DAT. I used ID 237 and commented out the line for that wheel ID (also making sure not to assign that wheel to any vehicle). The game starts without error but I haven't seen it yet. I also tried to spawn it with DevConsole but it did not appear (although, I couldn't get any vehicle to span with DevConsloe, so maybe thats my fault).


It also has a TXD in the IMG and a COL in the vehicles.col, so I would think everything is in place for the game to be able to spawn it. I did find that the vehicle name was not in the EXE like all of the others, so maybe it won't read a vehicle by that name at all?


I suppose I could export the COL, TXD and DFF and replace some other car... guess I was trying to kill two birds with one stone (Also wanted to see if the game would address more vehicles).



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it's basically a slightly different virgo. rename the virgo.dff to something else (not used by the game), and rename the cougar to virgo.dff. it uses the same textures and collision.

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