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Missing Ipl


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Just a quick question. I can't seem to find the location where I want to add a few objects to anywhere in any of the .ipl files.


Here's the location which seems to be non-existent in any of the .ipl files:

(it's the location in the red box on the right-hand side of the map in the center)


user posted image

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it is in countrye_stream#?.ipl (#? = not shore wot no. it is(1-13) i no it is in a countrye_stream file)

this file isnt in data\maps\country\

its in models\gta3.img

it is a binary file so u need a converter like "ocrams" or 1 called "garchw, Game Archive vewer" (ocrams dowsnt get all files like trees and stuff so u better use garchw)

evan with the converters it is fare shi*. they dont have the dff name

(eg. 13453, dffname, ...) insted it has item# or dummy# so u got to go through the ide's to get the names. :(



[i no this all coz i is making gta sa smother, or trying.]

Edited by me!!!
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