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The 3rd Degree


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I thought I'd repost this now we're near completing the second episode:



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The 3rd Degree is a 4 part movie series about 3 different individuals around San Andreas. Episodes 1-3 are about these 3 individuals and the 4th will be the conclusion.


Episode 1: Skinner

Currently, only the first episode has been released. This is called "Skinner" and is about Jake Skinner, an ex-mafia man from Liberty City who now has a normal boring life in San Fierro. He has received new information on the man who ruined his life.


Part 1:



Part 2:



Episode 2: Carter

Episode 2 has finished filming, editing and the music has been added as well, we are currently working on the voice acting. Episode 2 is about a man name Rick Carter who, like Skinner, was in an accident and could not return to his home in Vice City so he must find his assassin here in Las Venturas.





The series is written and directed by myself and TenaciousD. It takes months to make, partly because of writing blocks and party because of real life issues but in the end, we manage to get it done.


Here is our official site.



Edited by Ottae


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Lol, this isn't very popular sad.gif


@TheTank - Thanks man, we used 0.2 of SAMP to get the best out of the 2nd episode.


@Rob - Cheers mate, it'll be all the better because of your excellent voice acting inlove.gif


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From what I've seen so far from Ottae all our hard work definatly is going to pay off.


All we need is voiceovers and it's ready for release.



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