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GTA 3 Car Colour Problems

Eternal War0

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Eternal War0

This is what my car looks like...


This is what it should look like.


I know its black but that's not important. My only problem is the uber-white seats, steering wheel, exhausts and etc. This car is meant to replace the Banshee but I instead used it for the Manana if that might be a cause.

I know how to use carcols so if thats the problem just tell me what code to put instead.


Plus does anyone know what handling would work well with it? Because last time I modelled the handling on the Cheetah and every time it hit a bump it started break dancing. And how can you change the sound of the engine?

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The problem is not related to carcols. It looks like all the textures have'nt loaded properly. Try re-installing the car again and make sure you rebuild the archive after importing the .dff and .txd.


The handling problem could be anything, possibly related to the suspension set up i.e. too stiff, not enough travel...


Sounds can be changed, but it's a bit of a ball ache. You can try looking in the tutorial thread for a tut. on sound changing.

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