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please , answer me


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[/b]Welcome my dears


First , I want to congratulate you for your cutest efforts here in this forum


and it gives me a great honor to be one of your family smile.gif




My question related to GTA SA AND


I've downloaded some vehicles from the site


but I don't know the method of merging the new vehicles with the game



so , plz I need a quick answer


because I tried a lot to do it alone , but I've failed !! blush.gif




I'm waiting for your reply my dears


With all My respect

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Modding questions belong in the modding forums!



excuse me


I didn't know


but if you know the solution , just tell me



Thanks my dear

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check the readme files which come with the new cars.

there's nothing with the new car's file


and the file's extension is unknown for me


I think that it needs a specific patch so that I can replace the car files



In fact , I'm not sure


I still waiting the solution



and I hope that any moderator move the topic to the modding forums




Thank you

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